Focus On Probiotic Patents

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FOCUS ON: PROBIOTIC PATENTS PART II:   STEPS TO AVOID PROBIOTIC PATENT INRINGEMENT by Ivan Wasserman, IPA Counsel   In Part 1, we discussed patents in the probiotic industry, focusing on the patent procurement side. However, whether your company is pursuing patent protection of your own or not, it is important to be aware of the other side: patent infringement. Naturally, … Read More

Focus on Probiotic Patents: USA

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PART I:   PATENTING PROBIOTICS IN THE U.S. by Ivan Wasserman, IPA Counsel Patents are an important part of the competitive landscape of the food and dietary supplement industries. In probiotics, market players large and small have staked out their claims to proprietary products. But you may also have heard that “products of nature” might not be patentable. How, then, do … Read More

Regulation of Probiotics in the USA: Cosmetics

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Regulation of Probiotics in the USA by Ivan Wasserman, IPA Counsel Part 3: Cosmetics Cosmetic products are an exciting new category for probiotic-related ingredients. It may seem that cosmetics are less regulated than other FDA regulated product categories, such as dietary supplements and foods (which we discussed in previous articles).  However, despite the fact that the name is only the … Read More

Probiotics Reduce Behavioral Changes from Early Antibiotic Use

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Antibiotics save lives. The bad news is they obliterate the good microbes in their wake which can lead to long-term immune and metabolic changes. And now researchers find that behavior and brain chemistry can also suffer. Much evidence exists from both rodent and human studies showing microbial effect in brain and behavioral changes. Germ-free models have provided clues to these … Read More