Cabbage Heads to Front of Health Class

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The humble cabbage has outsized health benefits. When steeped in salt and set aside to ferment (sauerkraut), the payoff includes probiotic potential. Take a look at the nutritional goodness in one cup of sauerkraut: 32 calories 4 grams of fiber 35% Percent Daily Value (DV) of needed Vitamin C, 102% DV vitamin K, 12% DV iron plus vitamin B6, folate, … Read More

For True Detectives, Microbes Leave Fingerprints

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Fingerprints have led to many a criminal’s downfall. Tips of our digits leave evidence for a very long time helping detectives link the perp to the crime. Alas, gloves are now de rigeur for all but the clumsiest. Now forensic scientists may have a new tool for their investigations: microbes. As explored in IPA’s “Cloudy with a Chance of Microbes” … Read More

Probiotics May Thwart Mental Changes in HIV

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Infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) brings numerous harms, not least a dysbiosis leading to: microbial translocation chronic immune activation changes in tryptophan metabolism These toxic effects are felt by the central nervous system (CNS) and are poorly understood. Concerning tryptophan–an essential (not made by the body) amino acid provided by diet– an enzyme indolamine-2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) breaks it down into … Read More

Probiotics: A Look at Dose and Response

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As of 2001, probiotics have been defined by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) as “live micro-organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” The health benefit of probiotics has seen its reach extend beyond the gut and across organs and metabolic systems. Still, little is known about what is actually an “adequate amount.” Fortunately, … Read More

2017 Resolutions, Probiotic-style

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The best thing about resolutions involving probiotics: lots of “do’s” and not so many “don’ts.” For most people, it is much easier to dream up a creamy yogurt dessert than to face off against a decadent chocolate cake. So, get going in the new year with a dollop of our best advice. In 2017, you will: Take your probiotic supplements. … Read More

Bacteriocins: Time To Harness The Power?

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In a 2016 article Bacteriocin production: a relatively unharnessed probiotic trait? a group of researchers in Cork, Ireland led by James W. Hegarty, are making a case for bacteriocins. What are bacteriocins? Peptides produced by bacteria that can act against other similar bacteria; the producers remain immune.  High in diversity: size, structure, mechanisms of action. Receptors are a few ways they … Read More

Time to Ferment Your Festivities

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Holidays bring rich foods, creamy eggnogs and no surprise, weight gain. Why do celebrations seemingly call for high caloric, high-fat goodies when healthy foods can be just as exotic and delicious? This year try to think outside of the traditional box when it comes to festive dinners and tasty food gifts. Here are some ideas for lightening up the festivities: … Read More

Pancreatic Cancer: Possible Role for Probiotics

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Pancreatic cancer is a killer. In spite of advances in garnering its mechanism, the same cannot be said for treating this most fatal of cancers. Researchers are looking to the microbiome. Changes in diet, infection or lifestyle may disturb the normal symbiotic karma between host and the microbiota leading to cancer in the pancreas. As outlined by International Probiotic Association … Read More

In Old Age, Our Altered Microbiomes Can Lead to Disease

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The aging microbiome bumps into challenges its younger self may not have: chronic diseases, exposure to group living, multiple medications and changes in dentition and swallowing that disrupt diet. Yale Medical School Professor Vincent Quagliarello, MD discussed the vagaries of the microbiome in older adults recently at the Harvard Probiotics Symposium. There are “a myriad of clinical changes, including a … Read More

Venture Capital Moves into the Microbiome

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Money is rolling into microbiome companies. “This year, microbiome investment has surged again despite a decline in overall venture funding. The $616.9 million raised for microbiome companies to date so far in 2016 is more than all of the venture investment in the microbiome space in 2011 through 2015 combined,” according to a Wall street Journal article written in September … Read More