Walnuts Change Gut Bacteria, Adding to a Stellar Resume

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When it comes to playing favorites, nutritionists are not shy about their love for walnuts. All tree nuts– including cashews, pecans, pistachios and others—are packed with healthful benefits yet walnuts boast the most impressive stats. Walnuts contain: L-arginine, a heart healthy amino acid Copious amounts of omega-3 fats which are anti-inflammatory Liberal amounts of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin Powerful antioxidants which … Read More

Is Kombucha an Alcoholic Drink?

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Popular media recently toasted a novel probiotic beer concocted by scientists at the National University of Singapore. Yeah, beer is healthier now. But if imbibers are looking for a probiotic beverage with a bit of alcohol, they need look no further than kombucha, a fermented drink made by mixing tea and sugar with bacteria and yeast. Few people know that … Read More

Frozen Yogurt Scoops Ice Cream in Nutrition Contest

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You may scream for ice cream, but a smarter shout-out goes to frozen yogurt. While ice cream must contain at least 10 percent milkfat—usually cream– to be labelled as such, yogurt has no fat requirement. Instead it must be churned with cultured milk. Alas, while the bacteria may survive needed freezing temperatures, heat in the manufacturing process will kill them. … Read More

The Microbiome in Breast Cancer

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Incidence of breast cancer is growing like cancer itself, unabated and mostly unpredictably (though diet, age and genetic predisposition are established risk factors.) As cancer of this type fells more women globally, solutions are urgent. With the recent advances in analysis, the microbiome is under the microscope for its links to cancer. To be sure, the breast microbiome holds promise … Read More

Fermented Milk Prevents some Common Infections in Young Children

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Young children catch everything those first few years in a day care or preschool setting. Not surprisingly, their immune systems are immature, just like them. The fallout can be considerable: besides making a child miserable, school and parents’ work days are lost and cost is incurred to the medical system. Can probiotics help in prevention? Giovanni Corsello and his colleagues from … Read More

Bill Gates Tackles the Microbiome

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The founder of Microsoft knows a thing or two about computers. And while showering his billions on fighting malaria and tuberculosis in the developing world, Bill Gates learned about pathogens. Now in a philanthropic pivot, he has turned his largess onto the good microbes. The Gates Foundation is contributing an astounding $100 million to the White House’s Microbiome Initiative. In … Read More

ISAPP Expands and Expounds on Prebiotics

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Garlic, onions, and chicory root among a few others: how often have we hoped for other options in the prebiotic toolbox for clients and consumers ? Behold, our global experts are thinking outside the box: “We anticipate that future prebiotic products will expand current applications, include products administered to many body sites and be developed as non-conventional (or novel) foods, pharmaceuticals … Read More

In IBS, Low FODMAP Diet Triggers Metabolome Changes

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Most of us are familiar with lactose intolerance. In this common condition, the milk sugar is poorly absorbed and causes uncomfortable side effects in the bowel. Other short-chain carbohydrates which are naturally present in normal diets including fructose, sorbitol, fructans and galactooligosaccharides may also be poorly digested leading to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). These and more umbrella under the acronym FODMAP or … Read More

Alcohol: One More for the ‘Gut-Brain’ Road

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Alcohol is a favored emollient in many cultures. Unfortunately, excessive intake is tolerated and even encouraged in venues including college campuses and wedding celebrations. So it is no surprise that dependence, disability and death (nearly 6% of all deaths worldwide) are epidemic. Prevention is absolutely the best approach but treatment is vital to reverse the addiction. While studies have historically focused on … Read More

Short-Chain Fatty Acids: Colonic Infusion Could Fight Obesity

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Imagine a trash collector paying you for the privilege of hauling away the junk. Not happening. But that’s what our gut microbes do: they digest the stuff we can’t—fiber—and then create short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which are absolute manna for our metabolic health. Note: Counterintuitively, SCFAs are handled differently than fatty acids with long carbon chains, thus removing the fat connotation from … Read More