In Colon Cancer, Probiotics Pay It Forward

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Why are rates of colon cancer (CRC) rising across the globe? Much blame goes to the “Western diet” with its red meat, processed foods and low fiber content, a deadly menu now exported into the remotest regions of the earth. Of course, our “Western medicine” via colonoscopy can find polyps and laser them out before cancer takes hold; prevention of … Read More

WANTED: Probiotics, Dead or Alive

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Much is made of the surviving numbers of live bacteria reaching our guts, whether through food or supplements. Yes,  live probiotics taking seed and growing into vigorous colonies promise to be good neighbors across the spectrum of health for humans. But much like a life well-lived, good things can follow in the wake of even dead probiotics. Metabolites alone can … Read More

Bill Gates Tackles the Microbiome

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The founder of Microsoft knows a thing or two about computers. And while showering his billions on fighting malaria and tuberculosis in the developing world, Bill Gates learned about pathogens. Now in a philanthropic pivot, he has turned his largess onto the good microbes. The Gates Foundation is contributing an astounding $100 million to the White House’s Microbiome Initiative. In … Read More

In IBS, Low FODMAP Diet Triggers Metabolome Changes

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Most of us are familiar with lactose intolerance. In this common condition, the milk sugar is poorly absorbed and causes uncomfortable side effects in the bowel. Other short-chain carbohydrates which are naturally present in normal diets including fructose, sorbitol, fructans and galactooligosaccharides may also be poorly digested leading to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). These and more umbrella under the acronym FODMAP or … Read More

For Stiff Joints, Microbes Matter

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Baby boomers are finding the spirit is often willing, but knees—not so much. Sore and stiff joints seem to arrive just when you line up for your $10 Senior Pass at the U.S. National Parks. First, know there are two main types of arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is immunity gone rogue, an autoimmune disorder causing inflammation of joints and other … Read More

For True Detectives, Microbes Leave Fingerprints

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Fingerprints have led to many a criminal’s downfall. Tips of our digits leave evidence for a very long time helping detectives link the perp to the crime. Alas, gloves are now de rigeur for all but the clumsiest. Now forensic scientists may have a new tool for their investigations: microbes. As explored in IPA’s “Cloudy with a Chance of Microbes” … Read More

2017 Resolutions, Probiotic-style

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The best thing about resolutions involving probiotics: lots of “do’s” and not so many “don’ts.” For most people, it is much easier to dream up a creamy yogurt dessert than to face off against a decadent chocolate cake. So, get going in the new year with a dollop of our best advice. In 2017, you will: Take your probiotic supplements. … Read More