Colostrum, A Mother’s First Gift

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Mother Nature is not only magical but punctual as well. Minutes after giving birth, a new mother is producing nutrients for the newborn. The first milk, called colostrum, is less than appetizing: thick and yellow rather than milky white. Some women in Africa are warned that it may cause illness and therefore  throw it out with the trash. Bad idea. … Read More

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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Just knowing you have a gut teeming with healthy bacteria may stave off anxiety. But wait, new research suggests those microbes may actually alleviate stress. One report, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences outlined how mice consuming broth mixed with a strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus  responded. The rodents showed less anxiety and stress but also produced less … Read More

Praise for Unsung Sauerkraut

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Sauerkraut—literally “sour cabbage” in Deutsch-speak—is a super food packed with nutrition and is especially loved in Germany and eastern European countries. One cup of sauerkraut (approximately 150 g) contains 32 calories, 4 grams of fiber, 35% Percent Daily Value (DV) of needed Vitamin C,  12%DV iron plus vitamin B6, folate, calcium, potassium, and copper.  If that weren’t enough, untreated sauerkraut … Read More

Drug-Induced Obesity Linked to Microbiota

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Weight gain is a common side effect of anti-psychotic medications. First-generation drugs as well as many popular second-generation can lead to considerable weight gain, often thrusting people of normal weight into obesity in less than a year. Recently, a body of research has thrust our gut microbes into the spotlight along with obesity: in particular, obese people have been reported … Read More

Sweet News from the Microbiome

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If predictions from the International Diabetes Federation hold true, one in ten people on the planet will be diabetic by 2030.    Health institutions in countries across the globe are  desperately looking for solutions. A recent study hypothesized that probiotics may be a novel approach given that they appear to alter insulin resistance and diabetes development in rodents. Marie-Christine Simon tested … Read More

How Fast do Probiotics Work?

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Good question and a popular one, denoting a bit of impatience. We damage our health over years, but expect results from our remedies in days if not hours. The good news is that probiotics seem to get to work fast: feeding on a tangle of food fibers, fighting the natives for space and basically invading and setting up shop faster … Read More


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A colicky baby adds anxiety and additional trips to the doctor or hospital during a time in a parent’s life that should be joyous. Italian investigators asked whether supplementation with a strain of Lactobacillus reuteri in the first 3 months of an infant’s life could reduce the inconsolable crying of colic. Almost 600 bambini at 9 hospitals in Italy received … Read More

Probiotics Questioned in Crohn’s

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  Read what the British Dietetic Association has to say about dietary management of Crohn’s disease. The guidelines reviewed data regarding use of prebiotics and probiotics to induce or maintain remission; the search pulled studies from 1985 through 2009. Assessment of fifteen papers led the authors to conclude that the “the use of probiotics and prebiotics is not currently supported.” … Read More

HPV Cleared By Immune System

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the perpetrator blamed for precancerous lesions in cervical cells. A large percentage of young women are exposed to this virus through sexual contact.  A series of vaccines—Gardasil is one brand—target several strains which cause most cervical cancers. Not all cancers are caused by the strains so PAP smears are still recommended. Even so, many HPV infections … Read More

Probiotics Growing Up

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The new year already brings a gift to all probiotic practitioners or wannabes via Mayo Clinic Proceedings.  This prestigious journal representing a very august health entity has published a primer titled “A Clinician’s Primer on the Role of the Microbiome in Human Health and Disease.”   The 2014 review very nicely—and briefly–outlines evidence for the microbial role in various diseases … Read More