Honorable Discharge

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  Clostridium difficile is a killer. Tens of  thousands die each year worldwide from this stubborn infection. The bacteria set up shop after a course of antibiotics. Stronger antibiotics including vancomycin are given but sometimes people cannot permanently expel the tough spore-making bacteria. Extreme weight loss and death can follow. Now there is a cure. Nasty, some may say, but … Read More

The Big Picture

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Researchers from Egypt and Saudi Arabia have collaborated on a comprehensive review of  probiotics and their role in health improvement, infection control and disease management. Download the PDF here .

Mind The Gap

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Probiotics are the future– with a hidden past. Despite their being essential to life for all of history, we are only now waking up to their major role in health. Much like vitamins were in the early 1900s when each new discovery flirted with a Nobel Prize, probiotics and their thousand shades of purpose will be unraveled before long. These … Read More

Statins, Step Aside

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How do probiotics lower cholesterol? Scientists say there are at least two ways: the inhibition of intestinal cholesterol absorption and the suppression of bile acid reabsorption. The authors of this review discuss recent research as well as future directions for treatment for hypercholesterolemia. Read more in Clinical Lipidology.  

Fighting Fat with Probiotics

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The microbiome plays a big role in obesity. Eating behavior, energy harvest, energy expenditure and fat storage are all discussed in this review as mechanisms for inducing obesity and related inflammation. the team of researchers from China and USA cities challenges in finding the specific mix of microbiota and diet to promote leanness and metabolic health. Read more in Molecular … Read More

IPA hails a huge move forward in NDI draft guidance revision

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June, 26 2012 Last week, FDA bosses said that industry concerns would lead to a revision of the initial NDI draft guidance. The news was communicated following a meeting yesterday between the offices of Senators Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg, deputy commissioner Michael Taylor and assistant commissioner Jeanne Ireland. In a note sent … Read More