Fecal Transplant Redux

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Health practitioners are just now getting in the act of transplanting stool to reseed unhealthy colons. But it seems there is a contingent of do-it-yourselfers (DIY) who are unafraid to give it a go.

Michael Hurst suffered  with ulcerative colitis for over a decade and finally found relief with repeat DIY fecal transplants. He has prepared a digital book called Poop Power as well as a video for YouTube which clocks in under 30 minutes. Hurst speaks authoritatively and describes the essentials: choosing a donor, supplies, procedure and precautions. His wholesome manner and delivery somehow manages to remove the yuck factor from the descriptions. And thankfully, he uses a ripe banana dipped in chocolate as stand-in for his microbial module.

Clinicians as well as product developers should find this interesting.

Take a look.

DIY Fecal Transplant