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    Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Awarded U.S. Patent for their platform TSP Technology Framework to create the World’s first High Temperature stable Lactobacillus.spp strains

    Breakthrough ability to create and transform Lactobacilli.spp probiotic strains using their in-house developed TSP Platform process. The intent was to demonstrate the use of High Temperature stable probiotics in food applications requiring higher temperatures to prepare. It was also intended to ease the current market pains in this niche area worldwide and help companies in this domain using our strains to easily incorporate probiotics into food applications that require very high temperatures without having to invest into expensive capital equipment for enteric coating, encapsulation etc.

    MYSORE, KARNATAKA, August 28, 2018 – Triphase Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, a Research & Development and manufacturing company focused on Probiotics, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded the company a patent for its novel technology platform/method on two high temperature Lactobacillus probiotic strains Lactobacillus acidophilus TSP-La-1 and Lactobacillus plantarum TSP-Lp-1.

    This Method or Platform technology could be applied to lyophilised probiotic strains in nature, something not previously possible in the context of solving business problems or market pains and the high cost of manufacturing or formulation. The process or method is an integral part of Triphase’s research activities wherein many proof of concept studies were performed on various types of applications of food, from confectionery to baked products.

    The patent title covers “Thermostable Strains, Products and Methods thereof”. The method or process adapted here is Triphase’s unique and trade secret technology for converting normal conventional Lyophilized (Freeze Dried) Lactobacillus.spp strains into a super strain that is able to inherently withstand high temperatures up to 200+ Degree Celsius without any genetic modifications of any sort. This method/process provides several advantages. First, it enables a lactobacilli strain to be become High temperature stable, while retaining its original genetic profile and cell morphology.
    Most available Lactobacilli strains are freeze dried or Lyophilized that require them to be refrigerated to maintain their life expectancy and also be viable. Second, “This patent is another validation of our focus on the next frontier of solving business and market pains using our proprietary TSP Technology without having to worry about big unnecessary investments and passing on the benefits to our Clients and large Companies in this niche vertical Third, “We have made great progress in driving innovation in several fundamental aspects of these strains such as pH stability, Viability, reduction in fermentation time, cost savings on human resources, Utilities and specially designed media, which enables us to perform and produce these strains at very high levels of concentration and accuracy with a nominal amount of expert assistance.” said Aditya Desiraju, MsEE, Founder, Promoter, Chairman & Manging Director, Triphase Pharmaceuticals
    Triphase has applied for additional patents in Canada, The European Union and India, which when combined with this latest patent, drive significant transformation in this space for clients and provide the following benefits:
     Can withstand High temperatures upto 200+ Deg C
     Refrigeration, Cold chain eliminated
     pH stable
     Not encapsulated
     No enteric Coating
     Cost savings on fermentation time, Utilities and Human Resources (reduced Opex)
     Non-GMO (NSF Non-GMO Project)
     Can now be incorporated inside food, confectionaries and baked items effortlessly.
     Not required to invest in new Capex.
     Competitive pricing
    Speed to market – Dr. Shrilakshmi Desiraju, PhD.MBA, Co-Promoter, Co-founder and Director of Business Development says that Triphase has dramatically simplified the implementation of this method ready to be licensed out and used by potential customers to ensure their products are on the way to consumers quickly. Pricing is as competitive compared to currently available probiotics in the market.


    Triphase is a Research, Development and Manufacturing Company located in the Royal city of Mysore, Karnataka, India which focuses on Probiotics that makes business transformation real. Guided by passion, innovation, creativity and intelligent business strategies and by our experience by conducting a detailed market research on its current pains and Triphase can help mitigate and solve them.
    Triphase has the end-to-end expertise to connect every dot, reimagine every process, and reinvent companies’ ways of working. We know that rethinking each step from start to finish will create a better business outcome. Triphase’s General Manager and Technical Director, Irfanulla Sharieff says that a pipeline of strains and products under the TSP Platform is in progress that also includes certain yeasts such as Saccharomyces boulardii .Whatever it is, we are with you – putting a knowledge base to work to create bold and lasting results – because innovation, creativity and transformation happens here. Get to know us at http://www.triphasepharma.com and on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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