Global Engage Microbiome Meetup in San Diego Nov 2-3

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IPA will be parachuting (Amtrak actually) into the Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum/Probiotics Congress 2017 in San Diego this week. The collaboration, part of a world microbiome series presented by Global Engage, grows bigger each year.

More than 400 will converge on San Diego to hear 70 some speakers discuss the latest research and developments as well as engage in panel discussions. Somewhat unique to this convocation is the business/tech/basic science meetup potential.

Follows is a menu of the offerings, from the Global Engage brochure. Hope to see you there!

  • Pharma and biotech drug development – bugs as drugs
  • Microbiome and cancer
  • Interventions in the microbiome – probiotics/phage/FMT/synthetic biology
  • Research in IBD, MS, allergy, metabolic disease, autoimmune disorders & more
  • Utilizing microbiome data sets
  • Skin microbiome – acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, probiotics,wound health & cosmetic applications
  • Women’s health – host-interactions, vaginal microbiome, preterm birth and pregnancy progression
  • Gut-brain axis – signalling, links to disease and behavior
  • Oral and respiratory microbiome research
  • Venture capital and funding options
  • Pharma and biotech case studies and strategies
  • Partnering across the microbiome field – industry/academia
  • Technology platforms in the microbiome space
  • Intellectual property considerations and protection
  • Drug target validation and candidate selection
  • Preclinical modelling
  • Translational research
  • How to develop microbiome start-ups
  • Consumer markets vs therapeutic markets
  • Probiotics and digestive health
  • Probiotics in pediatrics
  • Regulation and product development
  • Strain identification, screenings and safety
  • Delivery methods and encapsulation
  • Case studies of pro- and prebiotic effects on human health