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Becoming an Industry Member within the International Probiotics Association is an invaluable resource to receive the most up-to-date research, exposure to various networking opportunities, and to enhance overall business development.

Membership dues are based on TAR (Total Annual Revenue) of each company’s probiotic sales:

  • USD  1,530 per year    (revenues < 1 Million USD)
  • USD  4,030 per year    (revenues 1- 5 Million USD)
  • USD  7,530 per year    (revenues 5 – 15 Million USD)
  • USD  11,530 per year  (revenues 15 – 30 Million USD)
  • USD  15,030 per year  (revenues > 30 Million USD)

Once your application is received, IPA will send you payment instructions. For any questions or inquiries please contact us here.

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