Probiotics Resource Center Schedule Oct 6-7

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IPA is partnering with  Nutrasource to bring the Probiotics Resource Center (T129) to SupplySide West 2016 in Las Vegas.

Industry experts at leading probiotic and prebiotic companies will speak at booth T129 on Oct 6 & 7 from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Lecture Schedule:

Thursday, October 6

10:30 am – Probiotics and Respiratory Infections Dupont – Markus Lehtinen, Ph.D., Technology Leader, Active Nutrition

11:30 am – How GanedenBC30 Probiotic Affects Protein and Nutrient Absorption Ganeden – Michael Bush, President

12:30 pm – Networking Break

1:30 pm – More Than a Gut Feeling: The Role of Prebiotics in Health and Wellness Prenexus Health – Sandra Saville, Chief Nutrition Officer

2:30 pm – Probiotic Clinical Trials for Heart Health, Upper Respiratory and Skin Benefits UAS Labs – Dr. Greg Leyer, Chief Scientific Officer

3:30 pm – Highly Effective and Proven Probiotic Solutions for the Supplement and Food Industry Probi – Dr. Gun-Britt Fransson, Vice President R&D

Friday, October 7

10:30 am – Shedding Light on Prebiotics: Their Role in Human Health Prenexus Health – Dr. Brad Saville, Chief Science Officer

11:30 am – Pioneering Probiotic Clinical Application in the Brain-Gut Axis: A Historical Perspective Lallemand Health Solutions – Isabelle Champié, Sales & Marketing Director

12:30 pm – Networking Break

1:30 pm – Probiotics: An Overlooked Piece of the Puzzle in Fighting Depression? Winclove – Elsbeth Pekelharing, M.Sc., Science Liaison

2:30 pm – Developing a Lipid-Lowering Probiotic: From Bench to Bedside AB-Biotics – Dr. Jordi Espadaler, Innovation Director

3:30 pm – Clinical Trials in Canada: Substantiating Claims in a Predictable Regulatory Environment Nutrasource – Josh Baisley, Associate Director, Clinical Trials