New Paper Takes on Probiotic Swipes

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toilet paper

Are Probiotics Money Down the Toilet? Or Worse? Albeit with a provocative title destined to be click-bait, this January 2019 article in Journal of American Medical Association looks seriously at the science. It dissects the two recent studies from Israel which raised questions about probiotic use. Author Jennifer Abbasi does a good job of teasing out implications of the work published in the journal Cell last … Read More

Dr. Erika Isolauri Talks Child Health at Harvard Probiotics Symposium

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Dr. Erika Isolauri

 “For child health, I have learned, the mother is the person to treat. The healthier the mother, the better the child’s well-being.” Dr. Erika Isolauri, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics at University of Turku  has researched the microbiota from her lab in Finland for long enough to earn the soundbite. With over 440 scientific publications to her name, she spoke … Read More

Probiotics Reduce Behavioral Changes from Early Antibiotic Use

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Antibiotics save lives. The bad news is they obliterate the good microbes in their wake which can lead to long-term immune and metabolic changes. And now researchers find that behavior and brain chemistry can also suffer. Much evidence exists from both rodent and human studies showing microbial effect in brain and behavioral changes. Germ-free models have provided clues to these … Read More