Dr. Erika Isolauri Talks Child Health at Harvard Probiotics Symposium

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Dr. Erika Isolauri

 “For child health, I have learned, the mother is the person to treat. The healthier the mother, the better the child’s well-being.” Dr. Erika Isolauri, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics at University of Turku  has researched the microbiota from her lab in Finland for long enough to earn the soundbite. With over 440 scientific publications to her name, she spoke … Read More

Early Life Microbiota Impact Later Years

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Cesarean sections save lives. They are also overused in some hospitals where mothers and doctors want babies to appear on schedule without pain or distress. Recent research however shows that by detouring through the belly, baby is robbed of a rich bouquet of its mother’s microbes in the birth canal. Newborns delivered vaginally present with communities dominated by vaginal flora, such … Read More