2017 Resolutions, Probiotic-style

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The best thing about resolutions involving probiotics: lots of “do’s” and not so many “don’ts.” For most people, it is much easier to dream up a creamy yogurt dessert than to face off against a decadent chocolate cake. So, get going in the new year with a dollop of our best advice. In 2017, you will: Take your probiotic supplements. … Read More

Regulation of Probiotics in the USA: Dietary Supplements

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Regulation of Probiotics in the USA Part 2: Dietary Supplements The United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulation of products containing probiotics is complex and largely depends on the claims that are made for the product. For example, they can be regulated as foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, or drugs/biologics (a class of drugs which are extracted from or derivatives … Read More