Probiotics in Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea: Lynne McFarland PhD Advises

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When antibiotics cause infectious diarrhea (AAD)—commonly from Clostridium difficile (CDI)– the offending agent is switched. Data on effective medications as well as on probiotic therapies is growing but most studies deal with adults. Children are not little adults. A recent  literature review encompassing nearly 4 decades revealed disparities: Overall Children are affected faster, but have a short run of symptoms and … Read More

Two Days, One Rob Knight in the Microbiome

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Specializing in translating microbial data into more digestible maps, University of California in San Diego scientist Rob Knight PhD spoke at two conferences IPA attended in the last few weeks. At the Harvard Probiotic Symposium 2106, Knight addressed the “Influence of the Microbiome on Body Weight Regulation.” Knight reviewed the studies in mice which support a microbial influence on obesity … Read More