Travel Changes You, and Your Microbes Too

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airplane travel

Travel can be rewarding, financially if it’s for work and emotionally when it’s for play or to visit loved ones. The downsides too are well-known: flight delays, uncomfortable seats, annoying seatmates and jet lag. Another to consider is how our microbes fare when flown across vast time zones to lands where even food and water are foreign to our ecosystems. … Read More

IPA Docks Two More Interviews at Global Engage in San Diego

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IPA caught up with International Product Manager Morgan Maillard at Lallemand Health Solutions and Senior Scientist Frank Schuren of TNO Research at Global Engage Microbiome R & D/ Probiotics Congress in early November. Yes, we are all outside on the docks without coats; it’s San Diego after all, where winter blows in like a summer day in Canada. Watch these … Read More

The Microbiome in Breast Cancer

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Incidence of breast cancer is growing like cancer itself, unabated and mostly unpredictably (though diet, age and genetic predisposition are established risk factors.) As cancer of this type fells more women globally, solutions are urgent. With the recent advances in analysis, the microbiome is under the microscope for its links to cancer. To be sure, the breast microbiome holds promise … Read More

A Microbiome Link to Infertility

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In The Handmaid’s Tale, author Margaret Atwood depicts a future where mass infertility leads to draconian fixes. In our non-fiction world of 2017, inability to make a baby occurs but in numbers which won’t yet threaten the survival of humanity. But for couples wanting a child but incapable, the situation can be devastating. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that nearly … Read More

Keystone: Microbiome in Health and Disease

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by Dr. Matthew A. Roberts, Ph.D., MBA,  Chief Scientific Officer – KGK Science USA   The human microbiota is a complex ecosystem living with its host and is responsive to the human condition capturing information on lifestyle, exposure to environmental factors, and our association with other humans as well as pets. We recently attended the Microbiome in Health and Disease … Read More

Venture Capital Moves into the Microbiome

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Money is rolling into microbiome companies. “This year, microbiome investment has surged again despite a decline in overall venture funding. The $616.9 million raised for microbiome companies to date so far in 2016 is more than all of the venture investment in the microbiome space in 2011 through 2015 combined,” according to a Wall street Journal article written in September … Read More

Microbiome/ Probiotics Congress 2016 in San Diego Report

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IPA enjoyed both full days of the Probiotics Congress USA in La Jolla near San Diego, California on October3-4th.  And it was more than sunny days and probiotic-rich cuisine— kimchee, kefir and fermented mayonnaise–as the lineup included the 4th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum; therefore, this enterprising assembly brought academics and industry stakeholders to the table. Awareness in microbial … Read More

Prenatal Stress and the Developing Brain

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Listen to Dr. Tracy Bale comment on the microbiome in pregnancy at 2016 Harvard Probiotic Symposium. Dr. Tracy Bale MD, Professor of Neuroscience at University of Pennsylvania’s Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine presented “How Prenatal Stress can Program the Neonatal Brain” at 2016 Harvard Probiotic Symposium in September. Her research focuses on stress responses in neurological development and sex … Read More