WANTED: Probiotics, Dead or Alive

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Much is made of the surviving numbers of live bacteria reaching our guts, whether through food or supplements. Yes,  live probiotics taking seed and growing into vigorous colonies promise to be good neighbors across the spectrum of health for humans. But much like a life well-lived, good things can follow in the wake of even dead probiotics. Metabolites alone can … Read More

Probiotics: Nothing to Sneeze at for Summer Colds

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Summer colds ride in on the baggage of the season: packed flights, aggressive air conditioning, outdoor air pollution, and even the sleep we miss because nighttime sunshine is too sweet to miss. Luckily, because fruits and vegetables taste so good this time of year, we revel in more phytochemicals than the rest of the year. Probiotics should be part of that menu. Research suggests that … Read More

Say Cheese, and Add Probiotics to Fend Off Oral Thrush

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Teeth wear out long before we do. Dentures offer a decent solution but are prime breeding sites for Candida albicans, a fungus which when overgrown in the oral cavity is called thrush. Probiotics may be an alternative to antifungal agents in the prevention and treatment of oral candida. Research described in an IPA blog Probiotics May Fight Candida in Dentures … Read More

Pancreatic Cancer: Possible Role for Probiotics

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Pancreatic cancer is a killer. In spite of advances in garnering its mechanism, the same cannot be said for treating this most fatal of cancers. Researchers are looking to the microbiome. Changes in diet, infection or lifestyle may disturb the normal symbiotic karma between host and the microbiota leading to cancer in the pancreas. As outlined by International Probiotic Association … Read More

2016 Harvard Probiotics Symposium

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 IPA is here to report that the 2016 Harvard Probiotics Symposium nailed it. And that means not just the array of delicious feeds at every turn but also the electric lineup of scientists from across the globe convening to share research and musings on this revolutionary field of microbes. In the upcoming weeks, IPA will share in-depth reports and short … Read More

IPA Excited for 2016 Harvard Probiotics Symposium

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Metabolic and brain function are the focus of the 2016 Harvard Probiotics Symposium: Gut Health, Microbiota & Probiotics throughout the lifespan. Top researchers from around the globe will present their latest research in what promises to be a stimulating two days in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a bit early for leaf peeping but Boston is colorful any time of year. Here’s … Read More

No Bliss in Probiotic Ignorance

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As you would expect, party banter sometimes leads to probiotics. Seems no one really knows too much but most people are aware of their importance, similar to how we feel about a political map of the Middle East. Leigh Galasso, a graduate student at D’Youville College decided to find out what consumers know and analyze the data in a more … Read More

Colic Soothed by Probiotics

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A baby cries–that’s normal. But when a baby cannot be consoled—by a hug, milk or a diaper change—parents worry. Colic is that ceaseless run of crying in the first few months of life that deprives everyone of sleep but then often stops just as mysteriously as it began. Parents do know that gastrointestinal distress often accompanies colic. As evidence shows, … Read More

Probiotics Face Fear Itself

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Ever wonder why one friend bungee jumps while another swerves at her own shadow? Look to the parents. And their microbes. Researchers are uncovering fascinating connections between microbes and behaviors later in life. Early life stress (ELS)puts individuals at risk for mental health problems down the line. And even scarier, is that these effects can be transmitted across generations. These connections were demonstrated … Read More

Probiotics: Tasty Tummy Flatteners

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Want a flat tummy? Well, listen up. Fried foods should be nowhere near your plate. Ditto for sugary desserts and baked goods. But here’s the good news: one thing you don’t have to cut down on are foods rich in probiotic cultures such as creamy yogurt and fizzy kefir which can realign gut bacteria. Luckily, gut microbes are gaining traction … Read More