As a member of the International Probiotics Association (IPA) you will have access to these incredible benefits:

  • Join the rest of the international key players in promoting probiotic products and science around the globe
  • Have a voice to the networking activities of IPA within different regulatory bodies around the world (EFSA, FDA, USDA, Health Canada, FOSHU)
  • Your company logo and website link on IPA’s “Member Companies” section
  • Exclusive access to current news about industry issues, regulatory affairs and science through the restricted section of our website (not available elsewhere)
  • IPA’s logo on your website
  • Networking with other industry members as well as the probiotic healthcare and scientific community.
  • Participate at the Board of Directors through elections and make decisions
  • Be a part in the developing of the program for every IPA World Congress
  • Discounts to several probiotic meetings


2019 Membership dues are based on TAR (Total Annual probiotic Revenue) of each company’s probiotic sales:

  • LEVEL 1 USD$ 1,950 per year (TAR: < 0.5 Million USD)
  • LEVEL 2 USD$ 5,050 per year (TAR: 0.5 – 5 Million USD)
  • LEVEL 3 USD$ 9,450 per year (TAR: 5 – 15 Million USD)
  • LEVEL 4 USD$ 14,500 per year (TAR: 15 – 30 Million USD)
  • LEVEL 5 USD$ 18,750 per year (TAR: 30 – 50 Million USD)
  • LEVEL 6 USD$ 25,000 per year (TAR: 50 – 75 Million USD)
  • LEVEL 7 USD$ 35,000 per year (TAR: > 75 Million USD)

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