Probiotics Tested in Marathon Runners

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Tales of gut woes for long-distance runners are well-documented. Runners sometimes cross a finish line only to vomit or collapse onto a stretcher. The usual reason? Excess heat—caused either by outside temperatures or the metabolic fire within—stresses the body, blunting performance. Heat-stressed athletes often endure what is termed “leaky gut”, a condition where the intestinal lining becomes more permeable, allowing … Read More

Trendspotting at Natural Products Expo West in California

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The Natural Products Expo West keeps getting bigger. More than 3600 companies were showcased this March in Anaheim, California and an estimated 90,000 attended the event. Two of them, IPA’s George Paraskevakos and Elisa Fernandez travelled to the sunny clime to meet up with members and scope out probiotic innovations. They were not disappointed. The convention center offered everything from … Read More

Probiotics Reduce Chemotherapy Damages

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Cancer is brutal but then so is the treatment. Chemotherapy, often used for late-stage cancers, damages intestinal mucosa causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. These side effects may worsen the patient’s nutritional status and immune function—vital for fighting cancers– or sometimes delay the treatment cycle. Under the umbrella of intestinal harms are: epithelial cell apoptosis, barrier dysfunction, microbe changes and proinflammatory cytokine … Read More

IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas in Vancouver

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The IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas 2019 brings together top experts to share insights on scientific and market aspects of the synbiotic field. Probiota Americas is the leading annual event for the prebiotic, probiotic and the microbiota-focused food and pharma industries in the Americas, brought to you by NutraIngredients-USA. This year the city of Vancouver in Canada will host this important conference … Read More

Focus On Probiotic Patents

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FOCUS ON: PROBIOTIC PATENTS PART II:   STEPS TO AVOID PROBIOTIC PATENT INRINGEMENT by Ivan Wasserman, IPA Counsel   In Part 1, we discussed patents in the probiotic industry, focusing on the patent procurement side. However, whether your company is pursuing patent protection of your own or not, it is important to be aware of the other side: patent infringement. Naturally, … Read More

Is the Key to Happiness in Our Microbes?

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Imagine if microbes could make you smile.  Plenty of new research suggests that unhappiness, at least in the guise of depression and anxiety, may stem from the gut-brain axis and what transpires along the route. A new paper describes the many challenges inherent in the intricate science and suggests a way forward. Gregor Reid of Lawson Health Research Institute in Canada laid … Read More

IPA Rocks Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim

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IPA’s George Paraskevakos and Elisa Fernandez travelled to the Natural Products Expo West in southern California this week to scope out new products and established vendors in the probiotic space. Among the 3500 exhibitors, IPA member companies hosted dynamic pavilions and educational events. George commented from the show: “Another Expo West is upon us and once again IPA is in attendance. … Read More

Big Money Pours into Microbiome Research

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Money talks and we listen. Since the year 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (over 50 billion USD in assets) has poured billions into tackling the world’s most pressing health problems such as malaria and infectious disease. Now the philanthropists are embracing gut microbes. Like most of us in the probiotic industry, Bill and Melinda Gates believe in the promise of probiotics. In a blog on … Read More

New Paper Takes on Probiotic Swipes

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Are Probiotics Money Down the Toilet? Or Worse? Albeit with a provocative title destined to be click-bait, this January 2019 article in Journal of American Medical Association looks seriously at the science. It dissects the two recent studies from Israel which raised questions about probiotic use. Author Jennifer Abbasi does a good job of teasing out implications of the work published in the journal Cell last … Read More

FDA Cracks Down on Supplements

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As those in the probiotic supplement industry know, business is booming. Likewise, dietary supplements in general have grown from 4,000 products just 25 years ago to about 80,000 today. These sheer numbers in addition to uncovered shenanigans—ginkgo-free gingko supplements in one example—has led the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to announce strengthened regulation. On February 11, FDA Commissioner … Read More