Dry Eyes Syndrome: Could Probiotics be One Solution?

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dry eyes syndrome

As we age, tears fall less often. Do we become world-weary, jaded? Perhaps, but the most common reason actually has a name in the medical lexicon: Dry Eyes Syndrome (DES). Modern life can cause dry eyes: airplanes, air conditioners and computer screens are big culprits. Yet several groups are more likely to feel the discomfort of DES: People over 50 … Read More

IPA inSight for Hot August Nights

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    IPA inSight stretches  out the summer with the coolest of probiotic news. Enjoy IPA original content, curated buzz from the popular media, and breakthrough research results as well as alerts on engaging events, past and future. Think of us as your one-stop culture club; just a few minutes of your time will grow big benefits. Sign-up now at the bottom of the IPA home page to receive your IPA inSight … Read More

Microbes of Female Astronauts Figure in Space Travel

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Since the first human soared into space in 1961, more than 500 others have followed. Only the healthiest of humans pass the mental and physical bars to become astronauts. Observing an astronaut arrive back on earth—most often carried on a gurney because of the effects of prolonged weightlessness—is to witness a small slice of the stresses faced: zero gravity, isolation, … Read More

Probiotics: Nothing to Sneeze at for Summer Colds

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Summer colds ride in on the baggage of the season: packed flights, aggressive air conditioning, outdoor air pollution, and even the sleep we miss because nighttime sunshine is too sweet to miss. Luckily, because fruits and vegetables taste so good this time of year, we revel in more phytochemicals than the rest of the year. Probiotics should be part of that menu. Research suggests that … Read More

Walnuts Change Gut Bacteria, Adding to a Stellar Resume

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When it comes to playing favorites, nutritionists are not shy about their love for walnuts. All tree nuts– including cashews, pecans, pistachios and others—are packed with healthful benefits yet walnuts boast the most impressive stats. Walnuts contain: L-arginine, a heart healthy amino acid Copious amounts of omega-3 fats which are anti-inflammatory Liberal amounts of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin Powerful antioxidants which … Read More

Is Kombucha an Alcoholic Drink?

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Popular media recently toasted a novel probiotic beer concocted by scientists at the National University of Singapore. Yeah, beer is healthier now. But if imbibers are looking for a probiotic beverage with a bit of alcohol, they need look no further than kombucha, a fermented drink made by mixing tea and sugar with bacteria and yeast. Few people know that … Read More

Frozen Yogurt Scoops Ice Cream in Nutrition Contest

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You may scream for ice cream, but a smarter shout-out goes to frozen yogurt. While ice cream must contain at least 10 percent milkfat—usually cream– to be labelled as such, yogurt has no fat requirement. Instead it must be churned with cultured milk. Alas, while the bacteria may survive needed freezing temperatures, heat in the manufacturing process will kill them. … Read More

The Microbiome in Breast Cancer

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Incidence of breast cancer is growing like cancer itself, unabated and mostly unpredictably (though diet, age and genetic predisposition are established risk factors.) As cancer of this type fells more women globally, solutions are urgent. With the recent advances in analysis, the microbiome is under the microscope for its links to cancer. To be sure, the breast microbiome holds promise … Read More

Fermented Milk Prevents some Common Infections in Young Children

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Young children catch everything those first few years in a day care or preschool setting. Not surprisingly, their immune systems are immature, just like them. The fallout can be considerable: besides making a child miserable, school and parents’ work days are lost and cost is incurred to the medical system. Can probiotics help in prevention? Giovanni Corsello and his colleagues from … Read More

Bill Gates Tackles the Microbiome

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The founder of Microsoft knows a thing or two about computers. And while showering his billions on fighting malaria and tuberculosis in the developing world, Bill Gates learned about pathogens. Now in a philanthropic pivot, he has turned his largess onto the good microbes. The Gates Foundation is contributing an astounding $100 million to the White House’s Microbiome Initiative. In … Read More