Vegan Alternatives to Yogurt: So Simple to Make at Home

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soy yogurt

If you want to taste a new yogurt every single day of the year, your supermarket can meet the challenge. Most of this abundance is of the cow’s milk variety. If you prefer a vegan option—for health or personal reasons—yogurt alternatives made from soy milk is available but a bit harder to find. Note that labelling laws in many countries restrict … Read More

Do Microbes Drive Metabolic Improvement after Bariatric Surgery?

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Bariatric surgery for severe and morbidly obese (Body Mass Index (BMI) >35–40) brings swift results: dramatically reducing cardiovascular risks and diabetes.   Current thinking credits immediate changes in the gut microbiome for the metabolic improvements observed after bariatric surgery. Indeed, research has painted a picture of gut microbes in those suffering from overweight or obesity as well as type 2 … Read More

Sloppy Reporting Undermines Claims of Probiotic Safety

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First do no harm. Probiotics appear to be outside the purview of drastic side effects reported for many supplements. No warnings of possible death and dismemberment scroll probiotic labels. Among manufacturers, researchers and clinicians in the industry, probiotics are considered safe. Theoretical risks  include systemic infections, deleterious metabolic activities, excessive immune stimulation in susceptible individuals, gene transfer and gastrointestinal side effects. … Read More

Change in Fecal Microbes after a Month of Probiotics

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Supplements have always had detractors. “Expensive urine” was what vitamin poppers were said to be making in the early days of mega doses nearly 50 years ago. With the cost of probiotic supplements, it is fair to ask: are we creating costly stool? Many millions of people take probiotic supplements trusting in a benefit to their intestinal colonies. Evidence is … Read More

Probiotics and Alzheimer’s Disease: Rich in Potential

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Alzheimer’s disease is a thief. First it takes your car keys, friends’ names, ability to feed yourself, get dressed and then even recognition of beloved family faces until your brain is a blank slate. Your entire memory is wiped clean just when you want to revisit the best of your life. Faltering minds may have a new ally in microbes. Alzheimer’s disease, … Read More

As Fatty Liver Spreads, Probiotics Enter the Fray

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With obesity off the charts, big pharma is racing to bring new drugs to market. Many of the newbie medications tackle the metabolic downsides of obesity: glucose intolerance, high cholesterol and fatty liver. While drugs may be somewhat effective, they can be costly (especially in the United States) and all come with some unhealthy side effect or more. Finding safe … Read More

Putting Probiotics to the Test in Arthritis

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Our joints grow stiff and painful as birthdays mount up —no surprise there. But arthritis, while common, is not just one disease. Because it can be confusing, a brief primer may help, beginning with the type of arthritis that can strike at any age. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) This equal opportunity version of arthritis is autoimmune in nature. It inflames joints … Read More

A Chance to Innovate into Probiotics, Most Expenses Paid, in Amsterdam: Apply Now

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Research opportunity for junior microbial scientists Junior researchers wishing to start their career as a microbial scientist might be interested in the Top Talent Program from probiotic manufacturer and researcher Winclove Probiotics. Winclove started the Top Talent initiative to offer young, ambitious researchers the opportunity to build their career as a microbial scientist and at the same time further innovate … Read More

Drosophila Flies Live Longer (Much) on Probiotic and Herb Mix

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If your goal is to outlive all your friends, here’s a bit of good news. Fruit flies fed an herbal and probiotic mash lived up to 65% longer than their placebo peers in a new study. Not an insignificant result at all. These Drosophila flies mirror 75% of our human disease genes, making them suitable subjects for testing hunches.  Also, they are inexpensive … Read More

Targeting Obesity through Microbiome: Update

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In a world grower fatter by the day (1.9 billion overweight and obese), science is searching for answers to the pandemic. There are no easy ones. Obesity is complicated; genetics, lifestyle and the environment create an imperfect storm inside the body. Recent evidence points to the gut microbiome as one important risk factor. Indeed, the microbiome is rich in possibilities. … Read More