Colic Relieved by Multi-strain Probiotics

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We can all rest more easily: new research from Italy points to some success with multi-strain probiotics in colic. Remember, colic does not go quietly into that good night. IPA has reported in the past about probiotics for colic:  Colic Soothed by Probiotics is most recent. Lactobacillus reuteri has often been the species of investigation in colic; now many others find … Read More

Prebiotics Aid Elderly, Michelle Alfa PhD tells IPA

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  Age can savage a healthy microbiome. Medications, eating problems and chronic diseases can kill off colonies leading to dysbiosis. Probiotics can help. Unfortunately, older people and those who care for them may steer clear of adding probiotic supplements to the often long list of treatments already taken. Prebiotics or the non-digestible starches which feed probiotics could be a viable … Read More

IPA Goes to DC: 13 Factoids Shared by Nutraingredients

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Missed the IPA workshop in Washington, DC? No worries.  Stephen Daniells recapped the event:  13 things we learned from the IPA’s DC Workshop appears on Nutraingredients website and includes our well-travelled  executive director George Paraskevakos. Daniells reports: “From market sizing to the positions from FDA and FTC on NDIs and claims substantiation, the International Probiotic Association’s DC workshop succeeded in providing a venue for … Read More

Elsbeth Pekelharing MSc: Improving Gut Barriers with Probiotics

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As the largest surface in our body separating us from the outside world, the gut epithelium has no easy task. This barrier protects our microbes and cells while allowing nutrients and water to get in. Talk about building a wall. The wall can be breached, leading to a cascade of problems involving microbes in a mess including localized diseases such as … Read More

Probiotics in Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea: Lynne McFarland PhD Advises

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When antibiotics cause infectious diarrhea (AAD)—commonly from Clostridium difficile (CDI)– the offending agent is switched. Data on effective medications as well as on probiotic therapies is growing but most studies deal with adults. Children are not little adults. A recent  literature review encompassing nearly 4 decades revealed disparities: Overall Children are affected faster, but have a short run of symptoms and … Read More

John Hale Speaks on Oral Microbes

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    When it comes to microbes in the mouth, John Hale has a lot to say. The R & D manager from BLIS Technologies explained to a packed house at Global Engage 2016 conference how the dominant oral microbe Streptococcus salivarius is capable of driving big benefits for health. In addition to dental caries, halitosis, and otis media, specific strains may … Read More

Novel Microbe Targeted in Obesity: Patrice Cani PhD Reports to IPA

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Among thousands of  weight loss strategies–mostly futile–microbes offer hope. Solid research supports the role of gut microbes in the inflammation, fat metabolism and metabolic disorders linked to obesity. Patrice Cani PhD of Brussels, Belgium shared his research on a novel new target last month at the 2016 Probiotics Symposium at Harvard. Prior studies revealed that abundance of Akkermansia muciniphila, a mucin-degrading bacterium, was inversely associated … Read More

Two Days, One Rob Knight in the Microbiome

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Specializing in translating microbial data into more digestible maps, University of California in San Diego scientist Rob Knight PhD spoke at two conferences IPA attended in the last few weeks. At the Harvard Probiotic Symposium 2106, Knight addressed the “Influence of the Microbiome on Body Weight Regulation.” Knight reviewed the studies in mice which support a microbial influence on obesity … Read More

Probiotics Resource Center Schedule Oct 6-7

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IPA is partnering with  Nutrasource to bring the Probiotics Resource Center (T129) to SupplySide West 2016 in Las Vegas. Industry experts at leading probiotic and prebiotic companies will speak at booth T129 on Oct 6 & 7 from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. Lecture Schedule: Thursday, October 6 10:30 am – Probiotics and Respiratory Infections Dupont – Markus Lehtinen, Ph.D., Technology Leader, Active Nutrition 11:30 am … Read More