As Asthma Rates Rise, So Does Interest in Microbes

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asthma and microbes

Progress is not always pretty. Polluted air, water and soil are part of the price tag on fast cars, potent drugs and cheap beef. Health can suffer. Faced with environmental toxins, our bodies secrete cytokines which induce multiple responses played out in the lungs, airways and immune system. This specific type of allergy named asthma is episodic or chronic inflammation of … Read More

Colic Soothed by Probiotics

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A baby cries–that’s normal. But when a baby cannot be consoled—by a hug, milk or a diaper change—parents worry. Colic is that ceaseless run of crying in the first few months of life that deprives everyone of sleep but then often stops just as mysteriously as it began. Parents do know that gastrointestinal distress often accompanies colic. As evidence shows, … Read More

Probiotics Cool on Inflammation

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Inflammation. A fiery term which is much bandied about these days. Is inflammation the culprit in, as it appears, the majority of diseases and symptoms? Sore neck? Perhaps it’s an inflamed tendon. Wheezing and coughing? Perhaps it’s the inflammation of an asthma attack. The list goes on: irritable bowel, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases. Heart disease, obesity and diabetes … Read More