Probiotics: A No-Brainer for Brain Health

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Drugs target serotonin to reduce depression and other mood disorders. Could probiotics do the same, given that the microbiome is one smooth operator in gut-brain signaling?[i] Researchers Caroline J. K. Wallace and Roumen Milev of Queens University in Ontario asked the same in “The effects of probiotics on depressive symptoms in humans: a systematic review” which appeared in Annals of General Psychiatry in February, 2017. … Read More

Probiotics Face Fear Itself

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Ever wonder why one friend bungee jumps while another swerves at her own shadow? Look to the parents. And their microbes. Researchers are uncovering fascinating connections between microbes and behaviors later in life. Early life stress (ELS)puts individuals at risk for mental health problems down the line. And even scarier, is that these effects can be transmitted across generations. These connections were demonstrated … Read More