2016 Harvard Probiotics Symposium

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 IPA is here to report that the 2016 Harvard Probiotics Symposium nailed it. And that means not just the array of delicious feeds at every turn but also the electric lineup of scientists from across the globe convening to share research and musings on this revolutionary field of microbes.

In the upcoming weeks, IPA will share in-depth reports and short videos on the topics of metabolic health and brain function across the life span. IP_Association tweeted throughout the conference and offers an abbreviated glimpse of high-points there.

A few teasers:

  • C-sections vs. vaginal delivery and microbes: big topic and controversial
  • Obesity and microbes: what do we know?
  • Diabetes Type2 and microbes
  • Personalized probiotics: how far off are we?
  • When your microbiome ages
  • Probiotics show promise in IBS
  • Microbes linked with Parkinson’s disease
  • Probiotics that work in mice to alleviate stress may not work in humans
  • Risk for males from mother’s stress while pregnant: a role for microbes?


A true high point was the view and yummy dinner at the Top of the Hub, 50 floors up.

Boston never looked better.