Probiotics Don’t Like Junk Food

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Probiotics are the “good bacteria” which line the gut. If we treat them well and feed them what they need—prebiotics–probiotics work with us in myriad capacities, many just coming to light now in labs across the world.

 The many potential health benefits of probiotics include effects in immunity, weight management, cancers, skin conditions, allergies and others.

Probiotics plus prebiotic = synbiotic.

 So what do these helpful bacteria prefer for lunch?

Fortunately or by design, most likely, these bacteria prefer foods that we humans can’t digest.  A match made in heaven. Microbes eat them precisely because we can’t. It works out for all of us.

Prebiotics have long names: fructo-oligosaccharides, galacto-oligosacchardies and lactulose and inulin.  Call the first two FOS and GOS for short.

How best to feed them?

Garlic belongs to the Liliales family including leek, onion, garlic and asparagus or the Compositae, such as Jerusalem artichoke, dahlia and chicory.

Or you may consider yogurts and other foods with added inulin, a prebiotic. These work too.

 If none of these above sound appetizing (though asparagus is heavenly), opt for a supplement. Otherwise, eat lots of onions and garlic and their cousins. And as a bonus, salt will not be needed.