Good News When Probiotics Become Habit

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  While humans have been eating probiotics by way of cheeses and yogurts for tens of thousands of years, use of supplements for beneficial bacteria is only decades old. Most studies concentrate on immediate effects of pills and capsules. No reliable data exists on “longer-term consumption” of probiotics, a period of time only now relevant. Thus a new curiosity in … Read More

How Gray are your Microbes?

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Is aging a disease? Some in the ranks of research think it may be so. Others stick to the idea that aging begins after the snip of the umbilical cord, the intrinsic nature of the mortal beast. Michael S. Lustgarten of Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston has written a provocative piece titled … Read More

In Old Age, Our Altered Microbiomes Can Lead to Disease

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The aging microbiome bumps into challenges its younger self may not have: chronic diseases, exposure to group living, multiple medications and changes in dentition and swallowing that disrupt diet. Yale Medical School Professor Vincent Quagliarello, MD discussed the vagaries of the microbiome in older adults recently at the Harvard Probiotics Symposium. There are “a myriad of clinical changes, including a … Read More

Probiotics May Improve Immunity in Aging

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Even for the healthiest, old age brings challenges to both mind and body. Changes are inevitable and built into the DNA of every cell. The immune system weakens in aging, making the elderly more likely to catch colds, flus, and also deadly infections from germs including Clostridium dificile which are rampant in hospitals. This impaired immunity can even allow disease … Read More